Supporting Young & Fresh Designers - why it is important

For a lot of us, shopping is like a huge mood booster. If we want to celebrate, we buy. If we are sad, we buy. If we are angry, we frantically scroll through a website.....and buy! But what are we buying? Every purchase we make not only affects us, our collections, wardrobe, essentials etc., but also the one we are buying from. The impact here is multifold. It's not just that the seller gets impacted by our purchase, but it's also about what they are offering!

1990s and early 2000s saw a surge of Indian designers coming onto the national and international stage. The popularity of Bollywood grew and fashion icons were born. We started buying products that looked good on the TV. Today we stand at a very important juncture. Here are the reasons why it makes sense to support young and fresh designers at this point:

  1. They are Unique: Not only are the mindsets unique, but so are their designs. Some of the more uncommon designs we have seen in the last few years have come from fresh, indigenous designers. Their style is unique, their inspiration is unique and when you wear them, you are unique!
  2. Not Influenced: Young & Fresh Designers are inspired, not influenced. What starts happening with bigger designers is that sometimes they get highly influenced by what's happening on Page 3 across the globe. The trends at global award shows may dictate their next collections at home because everyone wants a piece of this. It's not the case with the young and fresh designers. They are inspired by the details, the roots and the fabrics. They look at the best and take the best and make the best!
  3. Price: Goes without saying, there aren't huge pockets to fill when it comes to young designers. Young people with small teams and all working with love, for love. The price point is as low as 25% of what we pay for the "established" designers and when we buy from them, we all win!
  4. Care: Needless to say, each customer is important to them. Each product is made with care and each buyer is given as much support and love as possible.

Apart from all these points, it's undoubtedly a tough time. We need to support local and new businesses as much as possible. And if all of this is happening with better products and lesser price, we say, WHY NOT?