Another Lockdown? Here's some Fashion Tips!

After every crisis comes empowerment!

While we are expecting a lot of empowerment to happen after we say goodbye to Covid, there is a lot to be done while we are in it. As we face another impending lockdown, here are a few fashion tips from us to beat the lockdown blues this summer:

  1. Go Easy: It's summer. We are mostly at home. Why not wear stuff that's easy and breezy? Please note that there's nothing more important than feeling comfortable in what we wear, and hence, it's important for us to do vanity for our soul!
  2. Go Pastel: Colours affect how we think, and for the same reason, we think it's important for us to go with colours that are easy on the eye, easy on the mind. Light and pastel never go out of style, and they become all the more important to be worn during these times. Reflecting hope, softness and summer spirit, Pastel should be out go-to!
  3. Hello Whites: We'll start wearing better colours if they can show us a better colour than white! A perfect match for anything, white is everything that you want it to be. We rest our case with that!
  4. Zoom Friendly Outfits: Need we say more? We need the best of tops for our Zoom meetings - from being formal and chic to being classy yet easy to carry around!
  5. The World is Opening Soon: The world is soon opening up and do we want that to happen before decorating our wardrobe with what it deserves? This is the perfect time to buy all those cocktail dresses, the pieces for the weddings we have to attend, the Zoom friendly tops and the effortless bottoms!